De Roma, Antwerp

The legendary venue De Roma was built in 1928 after a design by the art deco architect Alphonse Pauwels. With 2000 seats, it was for a long time the biggest cinema in Antwerp. In the 1970s, De Roma also doubled as one of Belgium's leading rock venues, before shutting down in 1982. After being classified as a national monument in 2002, De Roma soon opened its doors again as a cultural centre. Source: Beeldbank Onroerend Erfgoed.

Cinema Belgica 
Korte Meer 7-9-11 
9000 Gent 

Project Instutions
Centre for Cinema and Media Studies (UGent)
Ghent Centre for Digital Humanities (UGent)
Universiteitsbibliotheek Gent (UGent)
Visual and Digital Cultures Research Center (UAntwerpen)
Afdeling Mediastudies (Universiteit van Amsterdam)
Steering group
Daniël Biltereyst (UGent)
Philippe Meers (UAntwerpen)
Christophe Verbruggen (UGent)
Dries Moreels (UGent)
Julia Noordegraaf (Universiteit van Amsterdam)
Tamar Cachet
Pieterjan De Potter
Nicolas Franck
Florian Deroo
Salma Mediavilla Aboulaoula
Vincent Ducateeuw
Emmanuel Vermeire
Marthe Waegeman 
Sara Van Den Berghe
Jari Goerlandt
Amandine Warrens